Lockpicking Workshop

Date Sunday 12 October
Time 1:00 PM
Location Event Room 2


Learn the basics of "Steel Bolt Hacking" as you start on a magical journey of discovery, that will ultimatley see you scoff at every padlock, deadlock and car ignition you come to pass. Join the RuxLock crew for a workshop, where you'll be shown the basics of how locks work, what's inside them and how to exploit them, before everyone grabs some locks, some picks and kicks some brass.

The workshop starts in Event Room 2 at 1:00PM on Saturday, no experience is necessary, but if you have your own interesting locks bring them along and share the love. A table will be set up in the bar afterwards, lots of Internet Points are awarded for the person with the highest blood alcohol level that can successfully open locks.

It's the only event where getting into handcuffs is part of the fun.