Ruxbot Wars

Date Saturday 11 October
Time 1:00 PM
Location Lanai Bar Courtyard


Have you ever wondered what a fight to death between consumer electronics products would look like? Well wonder no more! From the makers of Lulztech Printer Hacking comes slightly safer wanton destruction with Ruxbot Wars! Cheer on your favourite Ruxbot driver as they battle it out in the Thunderdome. Two go in, one comes out!

You will turn a standard remote control vehicle into a death machine, like Razer, Tornado and Barbie (Spanish for a fighting chicken). 

In all honesty Ruxbots will probably look more like the Barbie car.


Each of the eight competitors/teams will have one hour to jerryrig (read, hotglue gun and gaffer tape) any of the provided weapons, armour and bling to their bot platform. Feel free to prepare your own weapons before the comp. The only restriction is that the weapons must be, and stay, attached to your bot (i.e. no projectile weapons, flamethrowers, EMPs, neural disruptors, etc).

Bots will face off boto e boto with the last bot standing awarded points for: duration of the match, fighting style and how we feel on the day. Scoring is ad hoc, partial and in no way fair. Highest scoring bot is the winner. 

If you’re able to piece your busted ass bot back together after losing a bout and want another chance to bring the pain then we can organise a rematch.


The winner will be awarded a robotic prostheses with which to command the RuxBot armies.


Register for the competition by sending an email to ruxbot with the following details:

Contact email address
Contact mobile number (will be used to notify you to begin their challenge)