Ruxcon Afterparty

Date Sunday 12 October
Time 7:00 PM
Location TBA

After another epic Ruxcon, what better way to unwind in style than at a rooftop bar, surrounded by erudite gentlefolk, overlooking magnificent Melbourne? The venue offers all of this and more - with the extra class only bestowed by spelling things with a 'z' and a kitsch tropical setting. Once again, your Ruxcon badge is the key to this fine establishment, and the FREE BEERS within.

After the Afterparty

Noted Sydney socialite and connoisseur "Buo" has planned a magical tour of the inner city streets, staggering from one increasingly dodgy bar to the next in a desperate quest for "just one more cleansing ale". Follow him if you dare! As the numbers thin and the delicate pink fingers of dawn begin to bathe the gutters, will you be lying in them, or do you have what it takes to be among the last ones standing?

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